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The Yee Fung Toy Five Tong Association of Hong Kong
has helped fund the following schools and scholarship awards:

Fengcai Zhongxue (Fung Toy Middle School) in Kaiping (built 1940)
地址:广东省开平市三埠荻海东堤路 2 号 电话:0750-2322283

Fengcai Huaqiao Zhongxue (Fung Toy Overseas Chinese Middle School) in Kaiping
地址:开平市三埠祥龙南路 1 号 | 电话:0750-2339600 0750-2325076 | 传真:0750-2373329

Taishan Wuxi Zhong Xue (Mo Kai Middle School) in Taishan
地址:台山市三八镇支路口 电话:0750-5866249

Elegantia College (Fung Toy Middle School) in Hong Kong
地址:新界上水清城路八號 電話:2468 3680 傳真: 2468 3935 電郵
Address: 8, Ching Shing Road, Sheung Shui, N.T. Hong Kong.

Scholarship awards for Yee Family youth in USA and Canada

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